Storey On-Demand Services, LLC

When you have a pile of bills, receipts, unfinished quotes, invoices or other miscellaneous paperwork on your desk and there is no way you can get to it (or you have no desire to do it); call on us to provide your company the professional help you need! We will scan and shred your paper documents and provide you a jump drive with them organized for easy access. All of the bookkeeping will be entered into QuickBooks and ready to be submitted to your CPA to complete you annual tax processing. We can contact your customers on your behalf to inquire if they are still interested in you providing services, as well as submit quotes that have not yet been sent to those customers. We can re-send invoices and work with customers on your behalf to get them paid.

This will free you up to do what you started your business to do, while we assist you with the back-office work that burdens most solopeneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses and stops them from growing and reaching their full potential. We can be your right hand to help make sure fewer things are falling between the cracks.

We will create and keep customer files for you. We will work with customer and vendors to ensure needed documents are completed and accurate (W4, W9, 1099, leases, or other legal documents). We can also help with B&O taxes and managing any other expenses you request we process for payment on your behalf.

In essence we manage to keep you in good graces with the vendors, customers, and staff so you can continue to grow your business and practice your trade.

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